What items can I swap?

So Sell It allows you to add a swap item to your upload an advert process. This swap function will be of great advantage in some categories where items are of similar value and swaps are sought after. These favourable swap categories we believe would include:

  • Computer games
  • Children’s toys
  • Books
  • Games consoles
  • Phones
  • Tablets

Sellers are still free to enter swap items on other items which fall into other categories. Please make sure to not tick the box in the swap upload process if you don’t want to swap any item as part of the sale.

Please note that So Sell It will not allow the swapping of any livestock or pets on our website. We have the right to remove any advert containing a swap which we believe to be inappropriate for So Sell It. If you have any queries regarding what can or can’t be swapped please talk to one of our team on the live chat service.

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