1966 football memrobelia

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Champagne Piper Heidsiek Dry Monopole.

Reserved for england 1966 world cup.

Gold foil around the top of the bottle.

A case of this champagne was given to Alf Ramsey
to commemorate winning the 1966 world cup final.

only 5 unopened bottles left.

There is slight water damage on the left wing
of the top bottle sticker, a professional
restorer could probably remove most of the stain
making the item more valuable.

I have one of the bottles never been listed or
advertised before.

I have been advised to put a reserve at aution
of £500 on this item it is from an auction site for
football memrobelia, because of the small ammount
of damage on the label.

One of the bottles was sold for £900 at a small football club
another of the bottles was sold at sothebys auction house
for £1,997, another was sold at another auction house
somewhere else for £1,500 and the last one was sold
privately for £2,400 +.

Rember this is not the bottle listed for sale.

Go here to view about the champagne decanter web page 2002 may 7th


As the website says was the only one not to be
drunk i think they got that wrong.

Go here to see the selling price sothebys 17th may 2002


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